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D’Ann’s family started the Grand Lake Lodge back in 1920, and it is her favorite place on earth. Dana and D’Ann thought there couldn’t be a more luxurious, beautiful place to chase the light than this historic lodge right in the center of the Rocky Mountains.


The Grand Lake Lodge sits on top of Grand Lake in Colorado, overlooking the whole town, mountains and lakes below. The views are stunning. Seriously, they’re going to take your breath away. With a gorgeous pool, swanky fire pit, high-end dining, porch full of rocking chairs and cozy rooms, this place is truly a retreat for the mind, body and photographer’s soul. 


We want this to feel luxurious for you, and we want everyone to have the same high-quality experience, so everyone gets their own little cabin with a queen-sized bed, bathroom and views of the gorgeous Grand Lake and Shadow Mountain Lake. We want you to feel like you can take a nap, journal quietly, reflect on what you’ve learned, and sip coffee and tea all by yourself in between our meet-ups. 

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