Do you want to become a stronger storyteller?


Do you want to learn to add post-processing magic to your images to take your photography to the next level?


Do you want to learn how to harness even the most difficult types of light?

Do you want to learn how to create fine art with both your DSLR and your iPhone? 

Want to reignite your love for photography and be inspired, uplifted and encouraged?


Join us for a luxurious 3 night getaway in the Rockies where you'll have a little cabin of your own.


Where we'll wake at sunrise and chase the light and continue to chase the light until sundown.

Where you'll sit poolside and rest.


Where you'll sit fireside in the company of other inspired photographers looking at the stars and learning from each other.


Where you'll have time to journal.  And nap.  


Where you'll be seen.  


Really seen.  


Where you'll learn business skills, backlight, low light, created light and become part of a community of like-minded women who cheer each other along and are inspired by light.


Come and chase the light with us.  


The Light Chasers Retreat


Grand Lake, Colorado