I signed up for The Light Chasers Gathering hoping to narrow my chaotic approach to photography and to grow my technical aptitude and skills. But I left with vastly more. Not only was the course both engaging, challenging and fun; but D'Ann and Dana provided personal and customized feedback regularly, explaining the why in ways I could understand; along with the how. The knowledge transfer happened in so many modes making this my favorite February in the history of all the February's in my life. D'Ann and Dana have a synergistic team approach where they perfectly compliment one another. Together they are a magnetic force. I attended a conference a couple years ago in Aspen, CO called "Lead with Love" - D'Ann and Dana are the embodiment of what I "heard" about in 2018 and have been trying to apply in my life and work. Perhaps the key gift is their genuine kindness and approach of lifting everyone in the class up into their next level; versus pushing us all forward toward one goal. There are countless outcomes and benefits inside this course and it would require a book to list all of the gifts but here are a few: I am on my way to using OCF, officially building my photography business, practicing self portraits, shooting indoors ending a lifelong mantra that I am an outdoor photographer only. I feel and see a shift in my photography voice that is invaluable. The course was so intimately curated and monitored - at times it actually felt as though we were gathering regularly in person during the Zoom meetings. The real treasure of the online platform is that now I can return to the lessons as I move forward in my journey. Every module of the learning process had an inclusive net - perfectly aligned with everyone at different points of the skill spectrum. I can’t speak highly enough of this profoundly impactful course. It likely sounds too dramatic but the reality is this course is life changing. It is a symphony where any aspiring photographer can thrive. I went into the class with respect for D'Ann and Dana. I left as a lifelong admirer of them as teachers, passionate artists and caring souls.. -Debbie  


This has been such an incredible journey of kindness, support and generosity. The world could use more of this. Dana and D'ann, I am amazed by your gentle spirit and your ability to share your talents and your soul. You truly care about each and every member. This time together has been so special and I have learned so much from everyone in this wonderful space. Thank you thank you thank you. You truly have a gift as artists but your ability to educate and share is so special. Thank you for sharing this with me and putting together this incredible group of women. -Lisa  


I signed up for light chasers on a whim because I’m a huge fan of Dana and D’Anns work, expecting to learn some great tips and inspiration from them along the way. What I didn’t expect was to become part of a community of caring, thoughtful, talented women who inspired, motivated and cheered each other on a daily basis, led by Dana and D’Ann who poured their heart, soul and knowledge into us and our development. I am blown away by the amazing growth, not just in my own work, but in our class as a whole. I am leaving this month feeling inspired to grow as an artist and continue to build on all of the insight so lovingly curated by Dana and D’Ann. This class was not just a class or a retreat, but a true gift for which I will be forever grateful! Thank you D’Ann and Dana for sharing not just your time and talent but your creativity and friendship with us all. When can I sign up for light chasers 2.0? -Nicole 


Signing up for Light Chasers Gathering has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! Dana and D’Ann poured their hearts and souls into the content - which is evident from all of the growth I’ve seen in myself and my classmates over the last four weeks. Their mentorship and friendship changed the way I view and approach photography. The weekly videos and examples of their own work were inspiring and informative, and I can’t even count the number of times/ways they went above and beyond to help all of us learn and grow. They were so invested in each one of us, teaching us many technical aspects of photography while also helping us learn how to nurture ourselves so that our creativity could shine! The time and energy they invested into the course fostered a learning community that was welcoming and supportive no matter your ability - Dana and D’Ann helped all of us elevate our work to the next level. Light Chasers was so much more than a photography class - it was a journey I am forever grateful to have been a part of, and I’m taking so many valuable lessons away from the course that will resonate with me forever. My memory cards and heart are both full from taking this class…so sad to see it come to a close! Dana and D’Ann - I can’t thank you enough for helping me to grow so much as an artist and an individual - thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your time and talent with me! -Dee 


I have grown so much in my photography journey over the last few years, but nothing compares to the amount of growth I’ve had in just a single month after being in the Light Chasers Gathering. Admittedly, I’ve taken a lot of classes and workshops - in person and online. I’ve gone to photography conferences, retreats, and taken self-paced breakouts. I’ve learned a lot and have grown as an artist with each course, but this time the growth was markedly different. Dana and D’Ann are so incredibly generous with their time and their knowledge. I’ve been lucky to learn from many talented photographers, but learning from and having a full month’s direct access to these two uber talented artists was absolutely priceless. They were so supportive the entire time, offering direct guidance and help. They were always quick to respond whether it was through a quick message or email, a video recording, or an impromptu zoom call to answer more questions and cover more topics. The scheduled zoom calls and the feedback on weekly assignments were all invaluable. But one of the best things about the Light Chasers Gathering besides the lessons learned by Dana and D’Ann, was the support received from the rest of the group. In all of the courses I’ve taken, I have never ever been in a more supportive and encouraging group. Dana and D’Ann created an environment where it was safe to be vulnerable and share our work, and what resulted was so much positivity and encouragement. As a group, we inspired each other to stretch ourselves creatively and take chances that we otherwise would not have had the motivation or courage to do on our own. I’m so incredibly grateful for this opportunity and it has forever impacted me, both as a person and as an artist.  -Kim  


Where to begin.....D'Ann and Dana have taken us on the most in depth, personal, and vulnerable photography experience imaginable. They have walked beside us and helped us peel back the layers of our photography to help us find our soul behind our art. They have made themselves available to jump in anywhere we wanted to go - to answer any questions we had, to give us custom made tutorials and examples using our own work, and to show us tips, tricks and techniques to improve. They have motivated us and encouraged us. They have so graciously and thoughtfully provided us real feedback and tangible ideas and goals for improvement. They have empowered us to be bold, to take risks, and to be true to ourselves in our art. They have looked beyond the art and to the artist and taught us the importance of nurturing ourselves. And the results have been stunning. Our group has grown into a tightly knit safety net where there is freedom to come as you are. It is amazing to be a part of and share in everyone's growth and self exploration that unfolds during the gathering. -Kelly  


I loved everything about The Light Chasers Gathering. D'Ann and Dana are such warm and welcoming people. I felt right at home before the gathering even started. They each bring a unique perspective on photography that comes together so beautifully. They are such a wealth of knowledge and creativity, and they are so generous sharing everything they know. They are wonderful educators but even more than that they are absolutely the most kind hearted and inspiring people you could ever meet. I feel like I came away not only as a better photographer and knowing more about the business side of things but also just feeling so inspired and ready to dive into new things. I loved the gathering so much that I signed right up for the in-person retreat! Can't wait!



Over the last month of mentorship my expectations were exceeded time and time again. Dana and D'Ann are both power houses in their own right, and together they are an absolute mentor dream team. They pour their heart and soul into this gathering and it shows in every interaction, piece of content and critique they share. The loving kindness they bring blossoms into a thriving community full of grace, generosity, creativity and camaraderie. The light chasers gathering is about chasing the spark of creative, it's about illuminating the common threads of who you are as a person and the themes in your work to better understand your creative voice. It's about nurturing your whole being to create a wellspring of inspiration and creativity inside yourself. The amount of growth I have experienced and witnessed in such a short amount of time has been beyond what I could have ever imagined. And even beyond our time together, I believe D'Ann and Dana have given each and every one of us the tools to continue to grow into the best versions of our creative selves.



This experience is by far the best online photography experience I have ever had! Dana and D'Ann's approach to the Light Chaser's Gathering was the perfect blend of providing specific, technical concepts along with gauging the interests and desires of the individuals in the group to mentor and provide growth in those targeted areas as well. Truly, they put their heart and soul into this workshop and went above-and-beyond to spend countless hours answering questions, providing feedback, creating bonus videos on off-topic questions, etc., to make sure each of us left as not only technically better, but more fulfilled and inspired photographers as well. The personal investment they made in each one of us was more than I ever could have dreamed of receiving from an online workshop. Words cannot express how meaningful this experience has been and I will be forever grateful to be part of this group.



The Light Chasers Gathering has left me feeling so inspired!! Dana and D’Ann pour their hearts into this retreat. They are the kindest souls and you can’t help but love them both! They share so many great tips from shooting, to editing, to expanding your mindset and getting creative. The lessons were so well done with awesome videos and examples. They share their knowledge, offer critique, and are available for questions and support the whole month! Would definitely recommend this amazing course! -Stephanie